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Type of Hosting Services

Type of Hosting Services

There are several types of hosting services on the internet that could host your website and it is something, which all of us need in order to have a website up and running and visited by others. You need to understand what the types of services a host offer, your own budget, the kind of server and the service your website needs. The different hosting available are:

Free Hosting
This type of hosting is great when you start a blog, or build your first website that is not critical to your business. Free hosting has its advantages, but also disadvantages such as advertising banners that is automatically added, which might be bothersome to you and your visitors. It could be down frequently, connection speeds low and some of the free web hosts require the purchasing of a domain name, while others will give you a free name. A free domain name however is under the host company name for example you cannot choose a dot com name instead it will be yourname.webhost.com.

Shared Hosting
Here you will be sharing your website along with others on one server and although it does not sound viable, it is an affordable option as you share costs with other website owners. The downside here is that the amount of people on the same server makes it slower.

Dedicated Hosting
When you have a dedicated hosting server, it means the entire server belongs to you alone. This gives you all the resources dedicated to you with faster performance, but the downside is that the costs are higher. Large companies such as casinouzmani, which needs fast connection and continuous uptime and capable of running higher server costs, uses dedicated hosting. It is an excellent option as it gives higher security levels and all system resources belong to one website.

Collocated Hosting
Here you purchase a server and it is housed at the host facilities. You are entirely responsible for the server and you have full control over it. Any application or scripts you want or need can be installed by you as website owner.

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