How to Protect your Site from Hackers

How to Protect your Site from Hackers

Hacking is something that can happen to anyone who does not have adequate protection against hacker. If someone hacks you successfully, your website and server can be left with severe damage.

Why does it concern you?

You have to realize that hacking is a very real threat to anyone who owns a website and it concerns everyone and every website found on the internet. Could you imagine if your website is hacked successfully and a visitor to your website see a warning that your online business could possibly infect or harm their computer? Apart from legal consequences, which could be incredibly harmful to you, your image also, takes a serious knock. Many hackers share their convictions or spread your client’s data elsewhere on the internet and gain access to clients and your own private data.

How you should protect your website from hacking attacks

In minimizing threats your first step is to change “admin.php” filename, not saving the FTP password in locations such as FileZilla, Total Commander, etc. always change your login name and password on a regular basis, and when you use WordPress scripts and the likes, not to share the FTP account with other websites.

Use the SSL certificate in order to protect customer’s data and this is something, which you customers will be able to see, and this will let them know that your website is secure.

Thoroughly filter scripts installed and share as many hackers hack the website’s shopping cart via openings on subpages that runs on other scripts, which is easier when more than one website runs on a server.

Use all bug fixes and continuously update scripts to latest available versions.

Make sure to be using “Options – Indexes” instructions available in htaccess file.

Always use antivirus software.

Keep in mind that if you neglect regular updates of everything, it is a definite security vulnerability.

Use a web application firewall regardless of the monthly subscription fee.

Frequent back up in case everything else fails, several times a day will not only protect you against hackers, but possible hard drive failure.

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