Tips to Choose Best Hosting Service for your Needs

Tips to Choose Best Hosting Service for your Needs

How does the average person who just set up their first website decide which web host to use? Which type of service and what disk storage and bandwidth matters? We would like to answer your questions in this following checklist and make your decision easier.

  1. You need to know your needs in order to find the right host and do not stress about doing research about the best web hosts available on the internet for now.

What type of business or website do you have?

What is the size of the traffic volume?

Would you require special software?

Do you want Windows applications?

Now you have answered basic questions and according to this, you can formulate a plan for a year ahead.

  1. The server uptime is equally important and your host must have a recorded uptime score above 99%.
  2. Multiple Addon Domains as it is cheap and many people prefer to have more than one domain name.
  3. Options to upgrade servers as you do not know how big and how fast your traffic might grow over the course of the next twelve months and if need be you want to upgrade for example from shared hosting to dedicated servers simply because it has better security, larger disk storage, more processing power, etc.
  4. Check renewal prices as you do not want an unpleasant surprise when renewal time comes as many hosts might have a low sign up price, but come renewal time, it might be unaffordable for you.
  5. Refund policies are also important as you might sign up for a trial period and find that the host is not quite as they advertise and make sure about cancellation charges.
  6. Basic hosting features such as server side include, Htaccess, Auto script installer and cron jobs are must haves when choosing a web host.
  7. E-commerce features especially when you intend to run an ecommerce site and process transactions and essentials include software for one-click shopping cart software, dedicated IP, SSL certification.
  8. Email account setup with the ability to host your email, although it is not quite essential.
  9. Site backup is just as important as websites do crash and your host should do regular backups for incidents like that in order to restore you.
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